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Services and specifications

  • The shared spaces at Bilma Madrid offer a wide array of leisure and dining options, including an on-site cafeteria. It also offers a catering service which can be requested for the building’s individual offices or co-working areas.

  • Parking is quick and easy thanks to large parking bays, which are 5 m long and 2.50 m wide. Bays for people with disabilities are 5 m long and 3.75 m wide, and all columns in the car park are circular.
  • Traffic is all two-way inside the car park, making it easier to move around and park.
  • Entry via automatic number-plate recognition.
  • Automated digital system.

Visitor parking

  • 170 parking spaces authorised for use by clients, with direct access to the building.

Occupier parking

  • 555 indoor and 88 outdoor parking spaces authorised for use by occupiers, as well as parking for motorcycles, all with direct access to the building.

  • The building comes fully wired, with Ackermann boxes installed every 25 sqm in the raised technical flooring of each office. Each box is equipped with power, voice and data cabling and fibre optics, with cables housed in the suspended ceiling. The communications system consists of four shafts on each floor, which run vertically through the entire building and distribute data to all points.
  • Fibre optic connections compatible with all providers.

  • The building benefits from a rooftop solar louvre system, which channels the sunlight during the summer and winter months. The system acts as a large sunshade, consisting of adjustable louvres located on the rooftop, which are hung 40 metres above the building.
  • AeroTherm insulation and underfloor heating/cooling.
  • Double-glazed solar control windows filled with argon gas.
  • Office spaces feature the latest in efficient lighting, with a DALI control system, as well as light and motion detectors.

  • The entire building is connected to a state-of-the-art BMS, which controls lighting, fire alarms, emergency exit alarms and air conditioning.
  • Specific BMS to control the Daikin HVAC system and a management program with software to control the eight lifts in the building.

  • A network of 65 CCTV cameras that cover the entire building and its surroundings.
  • The latest in video recording and storage technology.
  • Access control system for people arriving on foot or by car, with personal keycards that can be programmed to authorise or deny access to different areas of the building.
  • Two independent and centralised control units that manage all of the building's systems, detect faults and optimise consumption.
  • Access control via turnstiles and state-of-the-art keycard entry system that can be used to locate anyone inside the building. This system can be customised as per tenant needs.
  • Year-round 24-hour security service.

  • 4 large emergency stairwells ensure that the building can be safely evacuated in the event of an emergency.
  • Fire service access in the central and rear plazas.
  • Fire drills have demonstrated that at full capacity, the building can be evacuated in 10 minutes.

  • 3,400 sqm plaza featuring gardens, trees and night lighting.
  • Double-height lobbies and entrances finished with premium materials: stainless steel columns, polished granite flooring and glass partitions.

  • 2 vertical communication cores including lifts, goods lifts, stairwells and WCs.
  • 6 lifts and 2 goods lifts: the latest and most efficient Kone models.
  • High-speed lifts (2 m/s) can go from ground to top floor in 17 seconds.
  • Two-way monitoring and communication with the control room.
  • Capacity for 128 people at any given time.

  • Daikin VRV K-plus inverter system. R-407 refrigerant (only blend authorised after 2010).
  • Modular zoned HVAC system, with over 800 units that can regulate temperatures at different levels for each 25 sqm space, featuring an electronic central control panel and fault detection system.
  • Flexible system allows for special units to be installed in certain areas (data centres, IT systems).
  • Swirl diffusers in all areas.

  • Estimated power: 11.7 MW. 3 electrical substations. Option to switch to medium or low voltage.
  • Power supply with separate control panels for each area.
  • General power supplied via Ackermann boxes in the raised technical flooring, which provide power supply, voice, data and backup electricity via UPS.
  • The entire area is connected to an Iberdrola electrical substation within the building itself.
  • 2 km of direct underground cabling connects the building to the Iberdrola substation.
  • 3 electrical substations with separate control panels for the different areas of the building.
  • Maximum power: 11.7 MW.

  • Common areas of the outdoor area to facilitate outdoor work.

  • Multipurpose room: equipped with the latest audiovisual technology. Available as an auditorium, meeting room, for courses, corporate events, etc.
  • Hallway: a perfect space for outdoor events and presentations, for presentations and important professional meetings. Presided over by a large square with landscaped areas, it has a 7 x 3 meter LED screen.


Gimnasios y C. deportivos
Restaurantes y cafeterías

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