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Ground floor and entrances 2944,57 m2


The Bilma Enterprise Centre has two access squares, one at the front and the other at the rear, which provide access to the Building.

The squares at the front, which provides access to the entrance Halls, has 2000 m2 of green areas, pedestrian access, access ramps for the disabled and direct communication with the Building Car Park and decorative lighting at night. The whole square is paved with stone.

The Bilma Enterprise Centre has two separate entrances and reception halls. These halls are of double height and made with the highest-quality materials: stainless steel columns, electronic revolving doors, polished granite floors, hardwood information counters and directories.

The ground floor also houses the Restaurant/Cafeteria

Planta baja y accesos
Planta baja y accesosPlanta baja y accesos
Planta baja y accesos