Exceptional architecture

Built in one of the parts of Madrid, the extension of the Castellana, with greatest economic influence.

The Bilma Enterprise Centre's design is based on functionality, the possibility of adapting to a changing future and aesthetics that are committed to renewing the urban design that exists in the area.

The Bilma Enterprise Centre is a new office Building which is outstandingly functional and very versatile to adapt to a changing future created by the district in which it is located and its destiny as a rental Building.

The Building is sited in the Las Tablas district, a future economic centre like the extension of the Castellana, in a constantly expanding area.

• Municipal Town Planning Department. Text taken from the Book: "XVII Premios 2.002. Urbanismo Arquitectura y Obra Pública" [XVII Awards for Urban Architecture and Public Works of 2002]

Edificio Bilma

The Architect

Rafael De La Hoz

(Córdoba , 1955)

An architect who graduated from the ETSAM [Madrid School of Architecture], he directs one of the biggest architectural studios in Spain, participating in urban planning projects and constructing major architectural complexes in Spain, Portugal, Poland, Hungary and Romania.

Some of his most outstanding works, in addition to the Bilma Enterprise Centre are: The Hercules Towers (Cadiz), Telefónica's District C, the Rafael del Pino Auditorium, the Headquarters of Endesa, the BMW dealership in Madrid, the Headquarters of the Junta Municipal de Retiro, the headquarters of Marsans and the High Council of Chambers of Commerce, in Madrid.

Edificio Bilma
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