Awards for Architecture and Urban Design
Premio del Ayuntamiento de Madrid

City Council of Madrid Award. The Bilma Enterprise Centre was awarded "Special Mention" by Madrid City Council in the XVII Awards for Urbanism and Public Works of 2002.

The Building consists of two clearly differentiated longitudinal volumes – rectangular prisms – intersecting at a vertical access core (core 2) that rise from a more solidly treated plinth or base. The volume at the rear (Module B) acts as a backdrop for the main block (Module A) – Calle María Tubau – while at the same time mitigating the strong impact of the building behind it. Above is a vast, soaring canopy over the entrance to the two blocks. Another singular element is the second access core (Core 1), which acts as a counterpoint to the markedly horizontal character of the building as a whole.

The main façade (North) and the rear façade (South) have been given distinctly different treatments. The first is designed as a light and ethereal element by means of a fish-scale curtain wall, the second has a more solid appearance, closed to the outside by a traditional façade with picture windows as a continuation of the stone plinth.

Within the complex great importance has been given to the original urban space by designing a plaza as an anteroom to the Building". 2002.

Premio del Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Mention relating to the section on “New Buildings for non-residential Use."

Awarded on 12 November 2003 by the Mayor of Madrid, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón Jiménez, to the Bilma Enterprise Centre at the awards ceremony for the XVII City Council of Madrid Awards for Urbanism and Public Works of 2002.

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