Users Car Park
Easy access for users by reading license plates.


• The Bilma Enterprise Center has a car park officially approved for "subscribers" with 543 indoor car spaces under the building and 119 outdoor car parking spaces as well as motorcycles parking spaces, all with direct access to the building.

• All of the parking spaces are oversized, to facilitate rapid and convenient parking. The spaces have a length of 5 m and a width of 2.50 m. The places for the disabled, also oversized, have a length of 5 m and a width of 3.75 m. Also, parking columns are rounded to prevent scratches on the vehicles.

• All public car park roads are two-way, which provides internal mobility and manoeuvrability when parking.

• Opening by camera of license plate automatic identification.

• High speed entry of vehicles without pauses.

• Automatic digital system

• Automatic License plate reader.

• Technical feature

- ES-930H with 540 TVL.

- Lighting Distance 30M.

- Wiring hidden and protected inside the housing and support.

- High Sensitivity CCD Sensor.

- Perfect solution for Day / Night.

- Climate Protection IP66.

- Automatic LED: Below 10 Lux.



Entrada parking publico Plaza parking publico
Entrada parking publico Plaza parking publico