Access to the building and open spaces.

- 2,000 m2 square with gardens, trees, sheets of water, illuminated at night.

- Double-height halls and entrances with high-quality materials: stainless steel columns, polished granite flooring, fine hardwood information counters and directories.

Internal access.

- Two vertical access cores that include lifts, service lifts, stairs, toilets and hoppers for waste paper.

- 6 lifts and 2 service lifts, Kone brand, high-performance and low consumption lifts.

- High speed: 2m/s, taking only 17 seconds from top to bottom of the building.

- Surveillance and two-directional communication with the control centre.

- Simultaneous capacity for 128 people.

Climate control.

- Daikin VRV K-plus inverter system. Gas R-407 (the only kind authorised from 2010 onwards).

- Modular air conditioning by sectors with more than 800 machines that permit independent climate zones to be created for every 25 m2, with central electronic control and fault detection.

- Flexible system for incorporating special equipment in particular areas (data and computer centres).

Communications and computers.

- Connection with all telephone service providers.

- Connection by cable or microwave.

- Fibre optics in all sectors.

- Satellite connections.

Computerised central control and security.

- There are two central independent or centrally operated control systems that run all the Building’s systems, detect faults and optimise consumption.

- Closed Circuit TV has been installed for the Building’s general security.

- Pre-installation of personal tracking system so that detectors can be installed that will permit anyone in the Building to be located with the use of a smart card.


- Power rating supplied: 11.7 Mw, 3 Transformers. Possibility of contracting medium and low voltage.

- Electric power with independent controllers for each sector.

- General cavity floor distribution system with Akermann boxes housing cables supplying power, voice, data and lighting, connected to UPS.