BILMA CENTRO EMPRESARIAL forms part of the new General Plan implemented to expand the residential area in the north of Madrid with Operation Chamartin, which extends the axis of the Castellana along a new administrative, commercial and residential axis.

This area of new development has become the location of choice for major Spanish and international companies when enlarging their headquarters. Telefónica, BBVA, Dragados, BT, Tele 5 and Vodafone clearly demonstrate the new financial infrastructure that is established in the vicinity of the Bilma Enterprise Centre.

The future extension of the Paseo de La Castellana will connect it with the north and enable the Madrid-Chamartín railway station to be remodelled to accommodate the high speed train and commuter traffic. The planned extension will also link with the M-30 and M-40 ring-roads and the extension of line 10 of the metro.